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Services offered during COVID-19: by phone first and instructions for in-person visits by appointment only

Given the importance of respecting health instructions as well as the need to redirect resources to deal with COVID-19, the Clinic decreases its opening hours for in-person visits and changes its practices.

Consultation with doctors, nurses and others workers NOW BY TELEPHONE FIRST

  • With the aim of limiting the spread of COVID-19, the various consultations will be held by telephone until further notice.
  • The doctor and the various worker will ask you to come in person by appointment only when necessary.

Opening time to present in person: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Do you have an appointment in person?

Many measures have been put in place in terms of reception facilities, hygiene and sanitation as well as for monitoring vulnerable users to receive you in a safe manner.

We ask you to:

  • do not come to the Clinic if you have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • cover your mouth and nose with a scarf, cloth, handkerchief or mask.
  • come alone OR accompanied by one person.
  • wash your hands at the entrance and respect the 2 meters (6 feet) distance.
  • do not enter the Clinic more than 5 minutes before your appointment.

All our services offered during the COVID-19

You have symptoms, concerns, questions or need for resources related to the COVID-19 coronavirus?